Diabolical Plans with Little Children


If you are one of the exceptionally talented unicorn adults who have mastered the art of living exuberantly in the moment, a devilish superior I-Know-Something-You-Don’t your constant companion, children of gifted cunning and superior intellect may let you in their club. What club?  The Life is a Party club, of course! But like I said. You have to be an exceptionally talented unicorn adult.

If you pass the test, and deemed worthy of being a not boring, you might see yourself in locked in a room making five little kids promise not to tell their mothers you’re jumping from the bed onto the sofa. Presentation, my little doves, is a must. It’s been a while since you’ve done stage dives.

Kids get tired of course, so they’ll pretend to hear a noise outside, and say in what they think are soft whispers, “Let’s make an evil plan!”

“What evil plan?” you ask, intrigued.

“We don’t care! You decide that! We just want to make evil plan!”

You turn on your flashback mode to a time when you thought if you went to sleep you would never wake up. A time when your parents thought that if you didn’t eat food exactly when they told you all the food in the world would vanish. You recall that amongst the things you enjoyed discussing were shouting at the top of your lungs, chocolates, stealing stationary, and harassing your superhero of an English teacher.

“Let’s distract all the adults in the house by screaming, and steal all the chocolates from the fridge!”

Revolutions may change ever decade or so, but human never change, and little kids don’t even pretend to. However, do make sure you are far away when time comes for consequences.

Isn’t plotting with Little Kids Awesome?!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vid says:

    evilta ki murat -.-


    1. kprsd89 says:

      What is good and what is evil ? *pensive face*


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