Lost in Translation

It’s your own fault really ! You really should have googled the tourist attraction! And you should have done that Before travelling to a country that speaks no English, English with an accent is still English, * All you can do now is pray to a God that you are only about fifty percent sure exists that the merciful taxi driver understands the Russian gibberish coming out of your mouth. English Must sound gibberish as Russian!

So you sit for half a century in Moscow traffic till the smiling Driver politely requests you to jump off. Not without paying, of course. So Imagine that the place he wants you to disembark at resembles the middle of the street. Unconvinced you look deep into his eyes and say, “Red Square”

With a grin that emanates from within his soul, the Driver says,”Red Square”

Translation is truly a tragedy. An empathic sigh, “Take me to the Kremlin,” you say.

And after another half a century, you reach the Kremlin. But at least the Kremlin looks like the Kremlin. Unfortunately, your friends are at Red Square, and since Taxi Drivers are categorically unreliable, and words are lost in translation, you resort to the Internet. You take a Right, and then another Right, walk the length

You take a Right, and then another Right, walk the length a rectangle, and take another right. You are face to face with St. Basil’s Cathedral. Leningrad on your Right. It took me longer than I care to admit that the poor Taxi Driver had attempted to drop me at almost the same spot. I had walked three sides of a rectangle to reach the adjacent corner. As I looked from monument to monument to the street I was now standing on, the realisation burst out as laughter through my throat. What fun would it have been to have just gotten off when I was told to do so ?


If I had to be lost in translation, I would prefer to be Lost in Translation in Moscow in the 21st Century! At least if you’re looking for an adventure…

Aren’t Adventures Awesome?



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  1. Really enjoyed reading this 😀


    1. kprsd89 says:

      Thank you 🙂 So glad you did 🙂


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