Logical & Not

Remember that friend with the caustic wit. The one you almost resent for their naturally flawless logic which often leaves you speechless amid your passionate venting out sessions. Why can’t you just let me have One? Just One? One tirade releasing all pent up emotions against the silly leviathan no one has seen or heard of !

Now, remember how annoying it is when people release their pent up emotions around you. By releasing pent up emotions I mean meaningless and insignificant bullshit you have no time, or even if you did have time you wouldn’t listen to. So what would you do when a benevolent philanthropist implores, ” Why? Why can’t we take the water from the poles and share with the deserts ? Why? Why? Why? ”

And no amount of ” You just can’t” and “There may be dire consequences” will shut them up. And you wish you had an ounce of your friend’s flawless logic ! What happens next is Mind Blowing ! A sheer stroke of brilliance ! Cherish the feeling of superior intellengence! Those are rare and must be treasured at all cost.

Engage your fabulous, intellectual friend. Enact the mad raving of a lunatic. Now, this is the most important bit. Listen to what they say. Memorise it. Practise it. Maybe in front of a mirror. And show them your thirty-two, and say, “Thank you” with the full force of your gratitude. You will, of course, think of them when you tell certain psuedo philantropists, ” That would change the pressure currents and atmospheric currents of the Earth, resulting in consequences that would damage the Environment even further!”




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