Surprises on the Sidewalk

When you’re walking on the sidewalk in Bombay there are a million things you expect to see. Chocolate Wrappers. Things you desperately want but can’t afford in the windows of expensive shops. Street hawkers selling delicious and extremely unhealthy food items unique to the city.

However, in a rare but beautiful moment, you catch sight of a majestic kitten sitting comfortably on the pavement as though it was custom built for her convenience.  Now, I am a certified Dog-person, as long as they promise not to bite, or bark, or make any sudden movements around me, but no human with a beating heart can resist the charms of this blue-eyed furball. Even as the Regal darling looked daggers at me for contaminating her Bombay sidewalk with my stilettos.

Not taking a photograph, indeed, would be a crime. I honestly couldn’t see this and just walk away, could I ? There is a thing about great content that makes it impossible for anyone with even a remote interest in photography to put one foot in front of the other. The white fur and brilliant Blue eyes demand to be captured. When your camera is missing whip out your phone. Set the filter to ‘Nashville’ and shoot away. The photograph not the animal.


Aren’t Snow White Kittens with Brilliant Blue eyes Awesome?


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