In the Lap of The Holy Trinity


In the ancient city of Yaroslavl, 250 miles outside Moscow, one of the prime attractions is a sculpture of the Holy Trinity.  The only one in Russia because before it was built only statues of Christ were allowed to be depicted in stone.

After sitting on the bus till our feet were cramped and our patience spent, with a meeting in the middle, we looked upon the statue for relief. Our serene guide adroitly balanced her duty with grace as she told us the story of over hundred-year-old Abraham  and his ninety-year-old wife Sarah. Abraham was chopping wood when he saw three Angels who were exhausted. “Like you are today,” our gentle guide added.

Abraham was chopping wood when he saw three Angels who were exhausted. “Like you are today,” our gentle guide added. I often find that it is not the place itself but the emotional response your body brings to your awareness that decides the quality of experience you’ve had. A good guide, my personal opinion is that all guides are an encyclopedia if you know which page to turn to, skillfully evokes this emotional response. Besides, who does not want to be compared to an Angel?

Abraham offered the Angels food and rest, and they accepted. He washed their feet and they rested under a tree. Of the three Angels one asked, “Where is your wife Sarah?” He told Abraham he would return to him the next year and Abraham and his wife would bear a child.

Sarah was listening. And she laughed. She thought it was impossible at their age to bear a child however much they wanted one. The Angel heard her and summoned her forth.

“Why did she laugh?” the Angel asked, “Is anything too difficult for the Lord?”

Afraid of being judged or condemned Sarah lied,”I didn’t laugh” but a year later she did have a child. And Russians believe all good things come in three’s.

The curiosity present within every writer prompted me to ask,”Which Angels were they?” but our guide didn’t know. Nearly two months, later another curious search on an entirely unrelated topic brought me to a passage in the Genesis, more random surfing on the internet suggested the Angel maybe Archangel Barachiel, the Angel of Good fortune. Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways and we always get the answer we seek. I suppose Rumi was right ‘What you seek is also seeking you’.



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