The Genius Child

Have you wondered why when a grown up tells you that you’ve put on weight you want to find the perfect piece of land to bury them in, but when a child od three tells you the same thing you laugh? Children, it seems, are protected by the natural superpower I like to call the cuteness factor. Imagine how a little thing that has no hair, can’t walk or even feed itself, who manages without words to convince two full-fledged adults to throw their personal and individual preferences out the window. Yes. The vicious little things are genius.

They say, when they learn, whatever they want, do whatever they want and suavely get away with it. What you are left with are two options, Laugh with miniature swirling hurricane or complain that a three-year-old kid poked you in the eye. Laugh, and once in a while you come across one who has more grey matter than most.

After you question the child’s motives. He carefully assesses your abilities and asks, “Did you come here to pick a fight ?”

You carefully inform him, “Not with you, just your parents.”

So of course as soon as they enter the kid leaps, screaming,”They’re here! They’re Here! Now FIGHT!!”

And duh! What if they’re you’re your ride back home… “You can always walk back!!” No Big Deal.

Aren’t impish little kids Awesome?



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