Technology Solutions to Friendship Problems

Do you remember the days, you could just jump over the wall to your friends house, and drag them out to play? If they had alternative engagements, they could be circumvented by using some additional kid force? The thing is.. When you grow older, you have knee problems and back problems, weight issues, and the oh-so-grown-up problem of a career that you no longer live in the same city. This is when you stalk them on social media.

But there are a few special lunatics you want to ensure stay insane, and you know you can’t do that alone. You need a minimum of five and and you need an internet connection that can keep pace with the rate at which your the psychotic idiots call friends can keep up. Then you need a WhatsApp group. Tomfoolery, Histrionic declarations, off key singing, and people to tell you that your singing is off key, are an essential part of life.

Technology Solutions are the key to your major friendship problems. You don’t want your friendships broken, do you? Because that would result in severe lack of entertainement… And you know what people have a tendency to do when they get bored don’t you? They get married 😐

Aren’t technology solutions Awesome ?


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