Wild & Insane Dreams

For some unfathomable reason, my favourite dialogue from ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ is Gaston.

It’s not right for a woman to read! Soon she gets ideas… Thinking….

I probably find it hilarious because the idea of it not being right is ludicrous. Also, the logical part of me concludes. Of course, it is dangerous for a person, it doesn’t have to be a guy, in power that those normally control suddenly become aware and get the hilarious idea that They can control their own lives. Because, you know, ideas are a dangerous thing, and thinking is the epitome of a crime.

So, What happens when you start reading too much?

You wake up and realize that you went on a date with Jon Snow. The character not the actor. Who apparently seems to know how to fly a plane even though he lives in what grossly resembles the medieval times, but manages to forget to refuel it. So, of course, he has to land the plane in the middle of the street in New York, which conveniently changes to California when you need to walk along the beach because your subconscious is even crazier than you are.

Speaking of crazy, you somehow end up consulting a doctor in the psych ward. Don’t worry Jon’s still there. But now, all the patients are free! So after you manage to get in sync with Jon, lock them up and save the world, you hear Jon say “You know I didn’t forget to refuel the tank on purpose, right?”

You wake up a happy girl, but it really isn’t right for a Woman to read 😉



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