Classic Plays At Heritage Theaters

fullsizerender-3 The National Centre for Performing Arts is a classic in itself. A must for a traveller visiting Mumbai, but if you are able to manage tickets for a play, it would be a crime not to go. Especially if the play is another classic. The play we saw was called Mughal-e-Azam. Based on a movie released in the 1960’s in India. A blockbuster hit that took 7 years to produce.

The play we saw stuck to the storyline and the audience sat enamoured as the ladies in bright, glittering Anarkali costumes performed. I was particularly impressed by the fact that the actors danced on the stage while simultaneously responsible for the vocals. And not a note was out of place. Or a hair.

The play was a love story set in medieval India. And as most love stories are, was about two star-crossed lovers told in a musical format. The show stopper being a revolutionary song that talks about how if you’ve fallen in love there’s nothing to fear “Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya“An intense play, designed for the elite and cultured audience of Mumbai, and enough heart to bring tears to your eyes. Maybe also teach young boys a few tricks to impress their girlfriends. It was an honour and a privilege, and it was Awesome.


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