Surviving A Sensational Car Accident

No. Car Accidents are not good, and under no circumstance must one attempt to participate in one. In a scenario where one sees an opportunity for such, one must desist, and if one is already in place, calling the ambulance is a higher priority option. However, if one is involved a car – accident, and all those present emerge unscathed, it is better to be happy than to sad. Humour, I believe, is one unfailing tool to make the shift.

Yesterday while we were on our way to the airport, unfortunately, a driver, who inconspicuously made a getaway while everyone else was assessing the damage, displayed evidence of obvious lunacy. The idiot chose to halt abruptly on the highway. Our driver had an astute foresight and maintained a thought-out safe distance between our car and the one in front. He managed to just about keep our car from crashing. We heaved a sigh of relief, but before we could breathe back in, the car at the back hit us with full force. Law abiding citizens that we are, all of us had our seatbelts on, and the worst was the jerk our bones felt from the impact. After a healthy round of argument and after we’d picked up the phones that had fallen out of our hands and on the floor we drove into the sunset, happy to be alive, and unhurt.

Once  the dust had settled I asked, “We used four sheets of bubble wrap for the Teapot we’ve packed in the back so it wouldn’t break in the flight, I wonder if that’s okay.”

Guess what? It was!

Don’t indulge the adrenaline, but nothing makes you appreciate the value of life like surviving an accident.

Life is Awesome!



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