New Printed Canvas Shoes

cameraawesomephotoNothing changes a girls mood like a pair of new shoes. Now, every girl with broad feet will understand the excruciating stab they feel in their heart when they look at a pair of shoes their size but not their width. And you wonder how your feet fit into those dainty little shoes when you were a kid. And why your feet couldn’t just have stayed the same. Without being bound like they used to in ancient Japan, because in the 21st century that’s just impractical.

You are filled with nostalgia when you look at a pair of canvas shoes. Especially ones with blooming blue flowers painted on them, and yellow and red buds just about to bloom, indicating that life is filled with possibilities. The bright green colour of the stalks only add value to the cheery nature of the shoes. The hot pink laces make the entire ensemble so irresistibly girly.

In one of those rare occasions where you succumb to temptations, you try them on. Something magical happens. Something that draws all of your thirty-two teeth into full view and gives you the urge to jump exuberantly into the air and shout, “Hurrah!”

They fit! And suddenly, you have a brand new pair of soles.

Aren’t new printed canvas shoes Awesome!


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