Magical Sculptures



There is magic in every work of Art. How can there not be magic in every metaphysical particle of something someone pulls out of the depths of their souls, if not the very root of their existence itself? You know how people feel about their first child. But Kids grow up and more often than not become Brats. Your creation however always remains an accurate representation of your perfect alignment with something much greater and more magnanimous than yourself. Is that not magic?

While it is unfortunate that only a blessed few with the gift of clairvoyance can see this magic, there are some options available to petty humans. Technology has development fantabulous apps that we can use. I still maintain that nothing beats seeing something with your eyes and connecting to the energy of the Artist’s Love, but I do like the work my computer can do to a photograph.

Use a feature called a magic brush. Go crazy! Add all the magic you want to all the photographs. And you’ll find that in some, just some, the magic is already there. You just need to feel it !




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