From The Driver’s Seat

I have never understood why people need to get cancer or be told that they are going to die in one week before they live life to the absolute fullest. A quote from Me Before You

You only get one life and it is your absolute duty to live it to the absolute fullest.

Or something like that 😉

And if you are determined to do so, and are offered to get on a speed boat in the beautiful city of Yaroslavl, refusing would be a crime. Living, not just breathing, means feeling every cell in your body as you feel the rush of the wind in your hair. Staring at the humungous white clouds, watching the ripples your boat creates in the cold, grey, water, are addtional high points. You must at one point sit next to the captain.

Beauty must be preserved. And one of the ways you can do it is by taking photos of breathtaking views. Such views rarely need editting. Except when you want the computer to attempt what your eyes saw. Your camera couldn’t capture but your computer might be able to rebuild.

The best photo comes from inside the boat. Where your hand is steady, and the wind is still. You can go underground for one quick shot.


Right when you turn you catch a glimpse of a church, and it seems that calm in all its perfection should meet calm in all it spirituality.



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