The Church of Ilya, the Prophet

Nature is categorically the greatest muse, but Russian architecture is no less inspiring, since thankfully once it has been achieved one rarely cares about where the inspiration comes from.All you can think is that it is probably the right time to experiment with your camera.

Try the miniature mode and add a bit of saturation. The clear blue Yaroslavl sky beautifully complements the peach stone walls and the bottle green domes of the church. The result is a photo that can almost make you feel that the moment is fleeting, and will inevitably pass, but right now, is lovely.


Move as far away from the monument as you can to get a broader perspective and take a snapshot from the front. The sunset mode is perfect to highlight the frescos placed within the monument. It also helps with the visibility of the gold in the architecture.


The frescos are the USP of the church of Ilya, the prophet, and a close up shot of a fresco is mandatory. Angle can help reflect the size of the structure, and manage to get the interior and the external architecture within one frame.



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