Transfiguration Cathedral, Yaroslavl

The majestic Transfiguration Cathedral must be view on full screen if one is to simulate the experience of being there. When you include the Fir Trees in the photo they perfectly frame the church to make you feel like you’re coming home.


White and gold colours of the churches may be captured with highlight as it towers above you, but you still feel like you are connected to something much bigger than yourself.


The frescoes have a warm feel which the white walls accentuate. You want to touch, but you can’t. And you’re older now, you can’t pretend you don’t understand. Besides its too high.YMosaic.jpg

As you walk along the edge and catch a glimpse of the famous Strelka Fountains, and you wish you could quit your job, forget about your parents, give away all your children and live here. But the best you can do is take back a photograph.




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