Russian Food

When you are a vegetarian heading to Russia, you will be warned by every meat-lover that you will die. “What will you eat?” They will ask you again and again, till you cry, and then they will ask you again. And having been a non-vegetarian in the past I do understand. But What will you eat? No worries, my friends. I have an answer ready for you…

“Desert, of course!” you say. Mashed potatoes are best made in Russia, but it’s good to remember that the stew is beef. Also, be careful when you say vegetarian, a chicken dish here is vegetarian. Russia is hospitable and they do offer you grilled vegetables if you don’t eat meat, and guides can recommend dishes that are purely vegetarian. Our tour guide, who was surprisingly vegetarian too, took us to a cosy underground restaurant called, “The Idiot“. No, they are not making fun of their customers, its name after Dostoyevsky novel.

Not only does The Idiot serve vegetarian food, their staff also speaks English. And they offer board games and free Vodka to their customers.

Free Russian Vodka.jpg

Their vegetarian selection is large and you have a choice. We picked the Pelmini. Because a trip to Russia without a taste of traditional Russian cuisine is fruitless.

Palming looks suspiciously like Momos *raised eyebrows*
Pelmini looks suspiciously like Indian Momos *raised eyebrows*

It looks suspiciously like an Indian dish called Momos, but the taste is very different.

Aren’t foreign cuisines awesome ?


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