The Kremlin

Kremlin Towers are mounted with pentagonal Ruby stars which replaced the gilded eagles used as a symbol for Imperial Russia.

Kremlin Star.jpg

One entire day must be dedicated to the Kremlin if one intends to truly appreciate all it has to offer. Beginning with Vladimir Putin’s office, and since I’ve never seen helipad, so needless to say I was a little bit excited about it.


Helipad at the Kremlin

The Church Square itself must have at least 3 hours to it. An ideal place for experimenting with your camera and no one can complain of lack of inspiration. Later when you face dark gloomy days, all pictures must be viewed in full screen.


For Ivan, the Great Bell Tower, take it at an angle so the photo shows the height.


A clear image of the church standing tall. All photos must be edited. Saturation in the photograph intensifies the gold and makes the fresco more visible. ChurchSquareFresco.jpg

Fresco, Church Square, Kremlin, Moscow

There are five churches here, and all demand a photograph of themselves. Wouldn’t you humour them?

church3Church Square, Kremlin, Moscowchurchsquare

And when you’re done here, go sit in the Kremlin Gardens.

Kremlin Garden, Moscow


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