Visiting the Library of Congress

If there was Ever a building worth waiting in line for, it is the Library of Congress. Conveniently located on the Capitol Hill for every visitor who is wise enough. Worth all the tantrums you could possibly throw to drag your party, trust me they will thank you later. For the open minded, use photographic evidence, for the ignorant and stubborn, patience. A full page Nikon 5100 DSLR image comes close, but it really is best to experience seeing it with your own eyes. After all, would you want to miss this?


Frescoes and sculpture of legendary Artist, Scientist, Painters, Writers, are all found carved on the walls, no prizes for finding Newton, Shakespeare, Galileo here. Other symbolic sculptures such as the changing seasons, and two children holding a globe depicting the rapidly changing world all tell stories.

Library of Congress - Art .jpg

I was particularly fascinated by the Sculpture of the two Angels hold a book with a torch behind it. The light of knowledge that to any book lover or anyone with imagination and interest appears personified in the building.

Light of Knowledge.jpg

You have to walk for a while to get to the Library of Congress and wait in line for a tour of the reading Room, but for once listen to the part of you that cries for connection and not for a bed. No flash is allowed inside the room, those reading must not be disturbed, and to tell the truth, the building is so well-light it isn’t really required.


The skylight in the reading room is decorated with a beautiful fresco of angels, holding names of different countries. The light through the skylight adds a well-deserved halo effect. Library of Congress is truly a must see building.

Reading Room - Library of Congress - Skylight

The angel standing over the Art section shining “As one lamp lights another, nor grows less. So nobleness enkindleth nobleness”. Words of true learning seemed apt here.

Reading Room - Library of congress


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