Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi is the closest thing India has to Central Park. Not quite as big but the epic stone monuments stand resolute raising its aesthetic value. Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Any park a while before sunset on a cool Winter Day, winter in India means 5 degrees to 10 degrees at most, has perfect lighting.


The average Indian is here for a Sunday to spend at leisure or a picnic with family. If you are not otherwise engaged, a traveler can spend a happy time climbing the different monuments and there are plenty. Although, some areas are restricted, and lawlessness is looked down upon.


Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Standing in the middle of History and culture, nature has its moments as well. The Lodhi Gardens, offer multiple places for quiet meditation, those not otherwise occupied by young couples.

Roses in Full Bloom - Lodhi Garden- New Delhi


The numerous flora and fauna and the sunset offer a plethora of opportunity for photography. Sunset in Nature

The monuments are dispersed all over the Garden. All yours to explore depending on how much time you have.

Lodhi Garden - New Delhi

With gorgeous arches and beautiful doorways, best view in a historic filter, you choose which 😉





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