When Bugs Look Gorgeous

Unlike the stereotyped girl image, insects don’t much bother me. Not unless they decide to crawl all over me or bite me. Then I’m mildly annoyed. Most of the time I envy them their wings. So fine and delicate. They can fly where ever they want, without even a plane ticket. But once in a while, a Dragonfly shows up and sits on the ground long enough or you to take a perfect shot. *I have to check with a lawyer how exactly they differentiate between shooting with a camera and the other type of shooting*

For a moment, you are left speechless as you see all the fine lines on the bug’s wings. And then you see the rim glowing in the sunlight. See the precision with which all its body parts are connected together. Add a bit of colour and a steady hand, and you have yourself a perfect shot.

Dragonfly - Photography


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