One Time Only Special Oreo-Shake

We were all aware of the delectable carefully crafted sinful cream biscuits called Oreos we put in our mouths. And then someone ingenious thought of a way we could add a little more guilt and calories to our diet, they invented a mindblowing piece of heaven, otherwise known as the Oreo Shake.

Of course, most of us, average lazy humans, simply find the closest coffee shops or bakery for our fix, but a select few are diligent and broke enough to make it at home. The method that gets it to your mouth hardly ever makes it less delicious. But what if there was it could be made more fabulous?How? How? How? Persuade someone Even more lazy than you are to make it for you. Take it up as a challenge.

Flatter them. Tell them you’ve never Ever had Oreo Shake as good as the one they’ve made you. Tell them the Oreo Shake they make is special. Mouthwatering. Daydream inducing. One of a kind. Related to them your experience when you last tasted the magical concoction their dexterous hands put together.

No that isn’t all. You have to help them! And make sure they have no opportunity to refuse. Clean the blender and plugged in. Wash the glasses. Make sure the Oreo is readily available. Then drop the breadcrumbs to the kitchen. Let their own temptation do the rest. Let them say “Okay, just this once!”

Don’t worry, you’ll get your Oreo Shake. I got mine 😉 And it tastes ever so much better when it has been earned.



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