Finding My Way to the White House

The moment you set foot in Washington D.C. the average traveller naively wonders if they are going to run into The President. That is, unless they are, of course, scheduled to appear at a public event at another location altogether. Nonetheless, the traveller wonders, and this inevitably leads the traveller to The White House. You have to book a tour well in advance and you will be surrounded by armed guards constantly, but isn’t it worth it? After all, you might, just might, catch a glimpse of the most important person in the world.

And in case, you get lost, like I did, you might just meet a benevolent local, who gives you a deeper insight.

“Do you see the treasury building?” They ask.

You nod. It’s there on your map.

The witty local responds, “The President lives in the White House, right? And all the money is kept in the treasury, right? White House is Always right next to the Treasury Building, so that the President can keep an eye on the money!”

Sure enough, the White House is right next to the Treasury Building. And now, I knew more about America than I did before 😉

White House - Washington D.C.



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