The Capitol Building on Capitol Hill

The first glimpse of The Capitol is a vague white dome through the trees. Till you catch sight of the Liberty statute. Americans hold the ideal of Liberty very close to their heart and therefore no building in Washington D.C. is higher than the Capitol Building. This is symbolic that no ideal is higher than the ideal of Liberty. When the bus drops you off is when you truly see The Capitol Building for the first time. And you have to work to see this magnificent structure. By work I mean walk approximately 500 meters. When you do see it, however, in all its glory, you know you’ve arrived. You don’t know quite where, but you’ve Arrived.

The Capitol Building - Capitol Hill, Washington

Watching the flag under the ideal of Liberty pervasively inspires patriotism, no matter their nation. Maybe a slight envy for the unadulterated love Americans feel towards their country. The tour isn’t complete till you walk the path set by the plethora of tourists to the Capitol every day. It is breathtaking from every angle.

Capitol Building .jpg

But I personally felt its impact is best felt from the full frontal view. In full zoom on your computers 😉

The Capitol - Capitol Hill, Washington



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