Underwater Jellyfish

I have been prejudiced against they stung me many summers ago on a beach in Kerala. The next day, as if by some unfortunate form of divine justice an entire school of them were found dead on the beach because of some fatal disease. Even with my bias, I could tell, when they are not stinging you they are fascinating creatures. If you open your mind a smidge, Beautiful.

Jellyfish Yellow.jpg

Watch their halo like golden colour and mesmerising movements. The skin of jellyfish turns translucent enough that you can see fine lines that give them an ethereal quality. The way their undoubtedly dangerous tentacles smoothly follow their umbrella body as they push forward.

Jellyfish - Marine Life

Jellyfish come in many shapes and sizes, aficionados can give you more details, but I like the tiny fish that change colour. As if it needed more to transfix your attention to it.

Jellyfish - Marine Life


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