A Day in Mathura

Mathura city is a historical landmark in India. Vrindavan was a home of the Hindu deity Krishna. Lord Krishna is someone whom, after careful contemplation,  I have become exceedingly fond of. Why? Like most little kids who watch the popular cartoon, I am impressed with his superpowers, but also because of what I could gather of his philosophy.

He loved music, dancing, eating, and in general, having fun. He lived in the moment and believed in minding his own business, at least until he was asked, and was certain his actions would show a fruitful result.  He was usually successful in his endeavours because he was a master manipulator. He simply directed energies by using the power of suggestion. He believed in peace, love, and good. And somehow managed to always get exactly what he wanted. But what I love most about this deity is the perpetual expression of Fun on his face. As though like is a party, and everything that happens as a consequence, a big joke. It almost makes you want to join in the fun.

Krishna Statue - Mathura

There are a few other architectural buildings, such as this pristine Gurudwara.

Mathura - 04.jpg

Beware of Mathura traffic. It’s not what it appears to be. This is one of the few times Google Maps gets it wrong. Rickshaws, bicycles, cows, and street vendors don’t feature there. It appears the children have found the quickest ways from one to the other. They must have the train tables memorised 😉

Photography - Humans - Children

This place is worth a visit, especially for those with sweet tooth. Must order “peda” a local delicacy from Mathura. And maybe take a few packets back for your eternally starving friends.




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