Gratitude Wheel

Usually, when you are having a perfectly ghastly day, you wish someone, just One person you hate Must die. Don’t lie to me, you know you do. You think it might feel just a little better. Too bad life isn’t Game of Thrones, but trust me it’s for the best, you wouldn’t want  their instant beheading. It might leave you too guilt-ridden. So what can you do?

Search instead for things to be grateful about. Don’t scorn. There are a few things. And as cheesy as it sounds, it does shift your mood a little bit, and then a little more. You may start with the things you don’t hate, to things you don’t care about, to things you love, because, you know, everything is a gradual shift. And once in a while, a Gratitude Wheel shows on your newsfeed on your favourite social media website.

Gratitude Wheel

And after a while, you might begin thinking about how awesome it is that the Earth is a million, gazillion times heavier than you and still afloat. How it spins at such speed and no one feels any movement at all. How every time you get hurt and bleed, all the blood cells in your body rush to heal the wound. How the universe is so vast that we don’t even know how vast it is. How your heart beats constantly and tirelessly from the moment you are born to the moment you die, and your lungs too. How you vomited on your parents and they didn’t throw you out. How somehow, every day, all living humans make their lives work.

It is pretty awesome when you think about it. And can certainly change your mood, even if only for a bit.


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