Writers, Armchairs, and Other People

Every writer is a little bit crazy. And the good ones are a special kind of crazy.They love things like pencils, sharpeners, coloured paper which Must absolutely MUST be a specific size or the world will explode, stapler and highlighters. Yeah. Writers are lunatics. And proud of it. When people say “Crazy”, “Weirdo”, “Has his wires crossed” we Know that they mean unique, and we are flattered.

In a favourite book of mine, “My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell, who was, it seems only to please me, born on my Birthday, not the year, just the date, he describes his elder brother Larry. He states,

Larry was always full of ideas about things of which he had no experience. He advised me on the best way to study nature, Margo on clothes, Mother on how to manage the family and pay up her overdraft, and Leslie on shooting. He was perfectly safe, for he knew that none of us could retaliate by telling him the best way to write.

So you see, writers are crazy, benevolent, know-it-alls, however, there is one thing that beguiles us. The one thing we study endlessly and read voraciously about. We study, read, observe from a distance, and avoid like the plague when we write. Humans. And what is the best way to circumvent all two-legged, one-nosed, distractors?


In the cupboard. Outside in the Park. Library is filled with other introverts. Or you could hide right where you’re sitting. Comfortable in your own armchair. If your armchair is big enough and snug enough. You realise you could easily live here. In Peace with the world. Minding your own business. It helps if the chair is so pretty, that you fell in love at first sight, right when it was delivered. And everyone could tell.

Urban Ladder - Armchair

When you see your personal sentiments in an advertisement, you just know that the company will deliver quality goods! Thanks Urban Ladder for my Awesome Thing Today! Everyone can tell I’m in Loooooovvvveeeee!


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