Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi is a recently released Hindi movie starring Shah Rukh Khan a popular Indian actor often accepted as Superstar and Alia Bhatt a budding actress with a devilish dimple. The movie is about many things Love, Heartbreak, Friends, Family, accepting yourself as you are, and letting go of the dominatable, underlying fear that pervades all of our worst failures.

For those who don’t understand the language, there is a charm in watching a movie with sound that feels like a silent movie. For those who do, the movie is slightly slower than those we are used to, but it always helps that there are good-looking people around. In a drunk and philosophical moment, the movie gives you the Exact statistics of how few good-looking people are around, and there are numerous moments of such enlightened wit.

The key take away for me from the movie was a point close to the end when the protagonist, the young and confused young girl, writes a letter to Life. All she does is simply say Hi, but being a writer, I knew I wouldn’t just stop there.

Here’s my Letter to get you started.. Remember.. Don’t be Lazy.. Write your own to. Trust me.. You’ll feel better..

“Dear Zindagi, (C’est la Vie, that’s life, literally, it means life)

Thank you for being so good to me, particularly this last year. I know you’ve made me cry, want to throw things, kill people, and run far far away to a Godforsaken place that no one knows about. But there have been times that have been equally good. I have travelled to beautiful places, shared fantastic experience with some exceptionally creative people, and learnt so much that I Know I am infinitely smarter than I was last year.

I know that I am still not the smartest person in the world, but that’s just something to work towards, I can always console myself with the fact that as long as I have siblings I am, also, not the dumbest person in the world. I suppose I am also thankful for the intellectually challenged, for they have managed to keep me sufficiently entertained, and, dare I say it, Happy. They seem to be happy too, so I guess you were working out for them too.

Mucho gracias, zindagi, for all the moments that have taken my breath away, even though at that time I figured you were dead set to attack my nerves till they lost all sensation. Thank you for the dear friends you’ve sent to remind me that you weren’t.

And lastly, for now, thanks zindagi, that I am not a vampire. Because I would really feel bad about hurting other people.

Will write again soon !




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