Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright!

Although it almost inhuman to keep a beast, even one as ferocious and deadly as a Tiger, locked inside a cage, it doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Ordinarily, you could somehow manage to fit your camera lens through the cages to get a clear photograph, but a man-eating tiger is also strong. And if there are two. One iron cage isn’t strong enough to hold them.

Tiger - Wildlife Photography

Under natural conditions and when they are not starving they share but a gaze that betrays their mild interest. However enough pesky kids and persistent photographers draw forth their wrath, and you might see them growl. If you are especially fortunate, they might jump at the cage to attack you.

I am still an amateur photographer if someone has any idea on how to remove the cages. Only in the photograph. Not in real life. An Average photographer is better than a dead photographer. Please do share your methods. And in return, I shall give you my eternal and undying gratitude!


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