Up in the Air

If you are fortunate enough that you have spent your life travelling from one phenomenal place to the next, a strange emptiness fills in the small interim you spend on the flight. A nagging suspicion that you are missing something. A task left undone, an article unpacked, a destination unresearched. A curious need to do SOMETHING. Anything. For anyone. A restlessness.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. If it doesn’t happen to everyone, you may find some consolation in the fact that it happens to at least one other person. It makes me wonder, why. And the answer came in the unlikeliest of places.

A rather light-hearted, for the most part, Anime, must-be-called-Japanese-Cartoons to annoy fanatics, about a trusting, young boy steadfast in his resolve to be “The King of Pirates” called One Piece. This quixotic and persevering child somehow manages to bring together an entire crew to assist him in his near-insane ambition. It is one of this very crew which puts it so succinctly.

This is just the time between adventures. To do what makes your heart sings. Be silly. Be happy. Sleep. Draw. Breathe. Be. The next adventure will start soon enough. Meanwhile, be Alive.

Or something like that 😉

So, just look out of the window. Watch the clouds. Breathe. Be Alive. And when the view is this good, it’s easy.



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