Christmas Before Christmas

Christmas is not an Indian festival, but all those who grew up in a catholic or protestant school environment often get nostalgic when they hear out of the blue “Star of Wonder! Star of Night! Star with Royal beauty bright!” This feeling intensifies around December.

Fortunately for those updated in cultural events, the German Christmas Market at Chanakyapuri offers the perfect solution. It’s on a different date every year, so beware you don’t miss it !

German Christmas Market

The fete they host in the cold winter month brings back scents of cupcakes and early childhood, and presents an opportunity for easy photography !


When you feel like you’re surrounded by Angels, you probably are!

Christmas - Angels
Christmas – Angels

As a girl, you knew the best part about Christmas was all the glitter. The fluorescent snowflake was the reason you handed your gun to your father in the middle of Laser Tag to twirl. You know what twirling is, don’t you?

Christmas - Snowflake
Christmas – Snowflake

One look at Christmas in a Jar and you want to put on the red hat, do a little jig and sing the age-old carols. A vague feeling of being safe, being home envelopes you, and you forget, just for a moment, that you are an affirmed cynic. Maybe your heart grows three sizes!

Christmas in a Jar
Christmas in a Jar



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