A Writer’s Folly

If you hear someone wave their hands wildly, screaming, “How? How? How could you do this to me? I trusted you!” at no one in particular, or perhaps, shedding enough bitter tears to drown the Sahara desert but smiling when they make eye contact, or see a weirdo bowing at everyone on the street, you know what I’m getting at! You know they’re a writer! Writers are nothing if not passionate. And strange outbursts of passion are good experiments.


Camera - DSLR - Nikon 5100
DSLR – Nikon 5100

When the writer is also a photographer, a very like situation is an emphatic declaration of timeless, eternal love for their camera!

It is only a poor passerby who could say, “Aah! For the love of an inanimate object!”

Don’t be surprised at deathly stares and vociferous threats,”Don’t call my DSLR an inanimate object!” It is quite possible that the earth opens up and all hell breaks loose.

Only a writer could burst out laughing a second after severing all emotional ties !

Being a creative is Awesome! Yeah, we’re temperamental 😉


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