Answering Questions On Quora

It is perfectly natural that one day, once in a blue moon, you can’t find even one person who acknowledges as a distant relative of Albert Einstein or, in this day and age we settle for an alternate epitome of wisdom, Oprah Winfrey. You feel a strange buzzing in your head! It’s all that wisdom waiting to come out. But Alas! No one to listen to. So, O-Wise-One, what will you do?

There is always someone.

And on Quora there are many such someones. And the poor, metaphorically blind, deaf, and dull souls, who need your expertise. So, roll up your sleeves and help your fellow human. Be kind. Be just. Be funny. Be whatever you want to be. For every subject you know, there is a question that needs answering.

Let the person who called you the idiot disappear with the first answer. Your boss’s face saying,”You’re wrong” with the second. And every subsequent answer feeds your ego. It almost makes you smile when people actually like what your critics call “ridiculous” and “unwanted” advice. You know they like it because of the “upvote” notification. But don’t let it get to your head no one likes a show-off 😛 And you do want to keep advising people, don’t you?

It’s Awesome 😉



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