Thukpa At Dilli Haat

When specialist and professionals, not chefs, those feature under artists, at least the good ones, those who undertake the mundane everyday tasks of earning a living, much like you and me, throw together eggs, tomatoes, celery and other spices, we usually have to spit them out. 

Not the afore mentioned Artists commonly known amongst petty comments as chefs. Even as they work  behind a plastic desk they call their counter, they pour their souls into a few cups for a meagre Rs. 150 which is almost equal to 3 dollars, more or less. But is it really for the money? Probably not.

The legendary Thukpa at Delhi Haat can single handedly take on 3 innocent victims. Only boys who have worked up an appetite slaying 5 heads dragons Must order more. Remember, it is the guy with the horns on your shoulder that pleads, “But it tastes like slipping into a warm blanket in your pajamas by the cosy fire after wadding through snow shoulder deep and drinking a hot cup of cocoa waiting for Santa Claus!” 

Curbing your greed will save you a stomach ache. Give the guy who made the dish satiated smile, and a casual, “Yummmm….” to make his day. That really is what he does this everyday all year round for. And for your good deed, you get to watch his the gaps in his yellow teeth as he beams at you in response. 

thukpa at dilli haat


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