Bombay Diaries

Every Bombay local knows that the minute you step into South Bombay you head to classic eating outlets, each with its own unique appeal. Because Bombay locals know that to live is eat and to chill, preferably with a few close friends and abundant jokes.

But what if you’re not a local? What if someone asks you what should I see in Bombay? And all you can say is “See……. Ahhhhh…. Hmmmnn…” It is a little difficult to remember all the glorious history you read about your home city in the 3rd grade, isn’t it?

So thankfully, someone’s here to help…

Victoria Terminus is a building you cannot miss. One that stands tall in your way when you walk from anywhere to.. well.. anywhere. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and pay attention. Victorian architecture meets traditional Indian architecture as the triangular pointed arches meet the palace architecture as your gaze moves towards the ground. Even when tourists decide to skip a visit to this exquisite building, it inevitably finds itself in their photographs.

Victoria Terminus

BMC Building is a structure that inspires awe in anyone who takes the time out from their hectic and demanding schedule for a wave of peaceful retrospection.

BMC Building - Mumbai

A few humans also take the time out to admire the poignant memories surrounding Taj Mahal hotel that brought together an entire city and forced them to recognise what compassion truly means. When Taj Mahal hotel reopened, the inimitable, indomitable spirit of the city of Mumbai was acknowledged.

Taj Mahal Hotel - Mumbai

The highlight of the city, a site that singlehandedly invites the attention of all tourists is the one where King George V entered Bombay for the first time. Now, it serves as a picnic spot for all hardworking citizens of the city that never sleeps. There are ferry rides, popsicles, and a myriad of photographers ready to print your memories. But do take a moment out to breathe in the halo light as the sun sets over the unruly, untamable Bombay see. Feel the energy, you’ll know you are one with the city and trust me, it will take your breath away.

The Gateway of India - Mumbai

Once you feel the magic, like any conscientious millennial, you have to use one of the Snapchat filters!

The Gateway of India - Mumbai


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