A Fresh Start with Shantaram

You’ve spent the appropriate amount of time wailing and shedding bitter tears because an epic book you were reading concluded. Now, what? Any bibliophile who swears by the famous quotes running through their veins could easily impersonate Nostradamus for you. If you truly love books, not one of those superficial pretenders who claim they love books because they read non-fiction demanded by course curriculum, you’ll get tickled for fresh smelling starched paper bound together perfectly for your literary indulgence. Yes, people, you’ll want a new book.

Just when the thought creeps into your head. It really isn’t your fault. Honestly. It reached there all on its own. You find buried treasure, your ATM card with just enough money to purchase the much recommended ‘Shantaram‘ by Gregory David Roberts, because you know food, clothes, and rent are only secondary requirements.

You know it got a 4.25 rating on Goodreads.You have spent the day scrolling down the quotes sections. It is almost better to fall in love with a book before you begin it. It makes your heart beat a little faster and marginally louder every time you think, “Oohhh!! Where is my bookmark? Where did I leave you last?” Can’t you hear your heart fluttering, or are those your fingers twitching to turn the page.

Also, you never really want to miss the best part of the book.



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