Photograph of the Day

The anticipation of death is worse than death itself.

The same is true of happiness. Have you ever thought about the moment you consider the epitome of happiness in your life? Was it when you got those bizarre Donald Duck boxer shorts everyone ridiculed but the one you would have paid a slick salesman a lot more than he deserved to deliver? Chances are that it was not. Before you start your vociferous diatribe consider my innocuous suggestion.

Was not the moment the casual mention of them being in the house the reason you shifted your eyes from their line of sight. Did your eyes widen because of anything other than delight? Didn’t your cheeks involuntarily become apple shaped rounded as your lips moved into a smile? Can’t you, even now, feel your hands to reach out and grab the object of your insatiable desire? Yes, Folks, the knowing that you will soon have everything you want is infinitely better than actually having everything you want.

With Kids, it easier, and much cuter to observe, and to catch on camera, Epic!Kids - Anticipation

Aren’t Epic Photographs Awesome ?


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