Desert Love

The world is Mysterious & Awesome

said Marshall Erikson, and he has never been more right than when you stood in front of vast Desert sands, much like the vast sands of time. Watching the rippled waves of loose microscopic grains stretch to touch the horizon, and turn into the golden yellow sky of the setting sun. What mysteries does the desert conceal within its sand?

Dubai Desert

Like Time herself, all that is before you is sand, all behind you is sand, where you stand is where you exist, and all you can do is capture the moment before is the wind blows it away into oblivion. Maybe take a selfie 😉

Dubai Desert

And when you are done contemplating the meaning of life, and all that is in it, after the desert has given you all the answers you searched cities high and low to find, maybe your heart is ready for a new adventure. Get in the car. The Safari begins now. The drivers are experts. They only frighten you a little with their swift turns, sudden drops, and unexpected halts.

Desert - Dubai



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