Crush Vs Love

Have you ever wondered when it is exactly that little boys stop thinking “Girls Are Yuckkkkk!!” and actually start Wanting to spend time with them? Have you wondered what it is exactly that makes these two-legged walking, talking tornadoes you can’t help but smile at behave semi-human?

A recent conversation with a little brother young enough to be my nephew, I won’t say son, *making a face* enlightened me.

“I don’t like Padme from Star Wars, I just have a crush on her,” he said.

A natural curiosity that often envelops adults confronted with such a statement found a match with my writer mind,”So what is the difference between a crush and love.”

“Well…” he said, solemnly,”A crush is when you like someone and think they are pretty. Loooovvvveee is when you want to kiss them.”

Aren’t you a little smarter? How does it feel to be enlightened? Awesome?



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