How To Be A Kid Again

Remember when you were little and were excited and enthusiastic about everything? The world was your oyster and you couldn’t wait to find your pearl. It’s a little tragic that the first feeling you have when you enter a hotel room isn’t “Let’s jump on the bed!” Nostalgic already? A little sad? Want to cry tears of lost youth? Don’t worry I have a solution.

You can always pretend your parents lied and you are actually *insert the age of your choice* They do have a history of lying… Remember Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and when they told you that you could eat whatever you wanted on Sunday?

If that doesn’t work, you could look into the eyes of a child. Now, you have two options, sure to win their innocent little hearts, and melt your broken cynical one. Teach them magic, an epic trick is showing them how you can slice off your own thumb and put it back together. But if you have some paper, scissors and a little glue, you can let them show you how to make little Origami Birds.

Because nothing melts hearts like a little kid showing you how to do his favourite thing in the world.

Origami Birds


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