Light in Dark Places

Every good photographer knows that light is one of the most important factors when taking a picture. Whether they know this instinctually, via ample reading or as a result of years of practice is immaterial. This also happens to be one of the reasons sunsets and lanterns make for a large component of exhibitions. A good photographer knows how to play with light and to justify to no one.

However, I find that I usually appreciate things more when I know the story behind them. When I feel connected, maybe not completely but in part to the soul of the artist, in this case, the photographer. Hence an attempt to offer the interested communities the same courtesy, light works its magic best in the dark.

Try the black and white filter, and use a yellow tint and the photograph might reveal to you precious secrets your eye missed. The Bru sponsor’s poster at JLF 2014 for example. Secrets in the photograph are what make it Awesome.JLF Lantern


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