Cheesecake Adventures

Holding Rank #1 is eternally the Turquoise Villa Cheesecake in Ahmedabad but the Magic Baked New York Cheesecake from Big Chill, New Delhi comes a close second. Especially if it has been a culmination of driving from cafe to cafe, through North, West, East and South Delhi to find that perfect cheesecake you tasted eons ago, which now feels life a cherished but long forgotten dream. Nothing that blows your mind ever comes easy, the effort is what makes the cake worth it.

Cheesecake - Big Chill - New Delhi

When you’ve worked harder than to find the fountain of youth for the perfect cheesecake you can’t just oogle at it! You have to order it for every Birthday, every New Years and every Christmas, whether the Birthday boy is lactose intolerant or not. Whether he know how to eat Cheesecake or not. You can spend your energy scolding him for cutting the cake but not the crust. And when he says,

First, eat the cake, then you guys eat the crust!

It is just another joke. After all the distribution is: Birthday Boy: 10 degrees, Other spectators: 2 degrees, You & Co-conspirator who helped to discover God’s clandestine gift to mankind: 348 degrees. You don’t mind minor transgressions.

And using different Snapchat filters on it is Awesome!


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