Underwater Photography

I still haven’t learnt the clandestine art of taking my Nikon 5100 underwater, however, the common problem where the camera lens becomes visible in the reflected in the glass is avoid because of the skillful planning of the Aquarium staff. There is little or no light within the passages, and the reason you aren’t lucky enough to crash into every good-looking member of the opposite sex is because the three humans tall Aquarium tanks are sufficiently lit to show you the way. Because the light works its way from inside the tank to your eyes, it is our camera lens reflecting the fishes and saving your photograph.

Underwater FIshes

When you are surrounded by water on all sides, you find yourself consumed by the magnanimity of the ocean. Matthew Arnold’s Forsaken Merman come to mind:

Where the spent lights quiver and gleam,
Where the salt weed sways in the stream,
Where the sea-beasts, ranged all round,
Feed in the ooze of their pasture-ground;
Where the sea-snakes coil and twine,
Dry their mail and bask in the brine;
Where great whales come sailing by,
Sail and sail, with unshut eye,
Round the world for ever and aye?
When did music come this way?
It is indeed selfish of the fishes that they don’t allow the light to capture you and them in the same frame. Yes. That means this is where the selfie fails. Silhouettes on the other hands make fantastic photographs. A black mysterious figure looking out bravely into the ocean.
If you touch the glass you feel the current throbbing. Hold your hand there and you will feel your own heart beat. Pay attention and you’ll find that five short minutes can heal all your worldly troubles and worries, and make you wonder how you could ever have ever been anything but altruistic.
Aquarium - Fishes - Nemo

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