Russian Matryoshka Dolls

When you’re headed to Russia and are in a benevolent, sometimes synonymous with stupid, enough to say “What should I get for you?” You will often learn of a stone called Amber because of human being’s ceaseless magpie like fascination with shiny objects. Also, because Russia is the producer of ninety percent of the world’s Amber. But they might sometimes say, “Russian Dolls”. Before you judge and assume they are cold, heartless and culturally insensitive. Take a deep breathe. They don’t mean one those gorgeous, empowered Russian women who are acutely aware of all of their human rights. They mean Matryoshka dolls.

Russia - Matryoshka - Nested Dolls

An old Russian art where wooden dolls are beautifully carved so each doll contains another within it. The number of dolls vary. The more dolls the set contains the more expensive it is. The ones with the narrow belly might fit with comparative ease in you suitcase, but the skill of the craftsman is reflected in the broader bellies. The traditional set contains five nested dolls containing the mother, father, two kids and a baby. The finishing is done with a wax-based lacquer. This set, however, is too expensive for an average traveler.

An economical compromise is a fat bellied doll with twenty pieces, because Russian Matryoshka Dolls are Awesome!


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