Madhubani Painting

The traditional art of Bihar, India is only something to be attempted by the brave for it takes more patience than the entire millennial and Gen Z has combined. The result, as is true of everything that is often referred to as fruits of hard labor, is just as sweet or pleasing to the eye as the case applies here.

Madhubani Painting
Madhubani Painting

Madhubani PaintingA Madhubani painting may be hung like other Artist’s masterpieces on drab white walls adding to their glory. The beauty of this particular art lies in the complete anonymity of the Artist which vaguely resembles how the Artist has lost his or her identity in the Love of their Art. Usually, pieces of garments that Artists have poured their souls into are cut and stitched into a wearable garment. The one exception being the Traditional Indian Sari. A single long piece of garment draped loosely and elegantly around any woman choosing to wear. The added benefit Ladies is the slimming look it has on most of us!

Madhubani Painting
Madhubani Painting

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