Freaky Fridays

So you have no plans Friday, or worse have plans that you don’t want to have, but *phew* can luckily manage to get out of… That in itself is an achievement but as you get ready for your cherished solo, no pants and pizza party, an ominous feeling creeps in. You aren’t quite in the right place for “normal”, and you have almost met your quota for new ideas for this quarter. So how? How, my friends, can you make this night a memory? With no pants and limited resources?

Elementary, my dear Watson, think of all the weird, freaky, stuff you did as kids. Kids have a penchant for innovations. If you didn’t, I’m deeply sorry for you. What a tragedy that must have been, but I digress. Get out your candles. Plug in your speakers. Google a few classical soundtracks. Don’t you get it yet? You have to be a witch! If you’re a guy, you’re a Warlock, duh!

Now, Witches and Warlocks do some crazy shit, but remember, Ugly Naked Guy didn’t know there were six people across the road, who found his crazy shit extremely entertaining. So, if you are going to take your clothes off and dance around in circles to Hit Me Baby One More Time putting a hex on anyone who hurts your beloved pop star, do make sure you draw the curtains.

I won’t tell you what I did, and it had nothing to do with this blog *wink wink* but I did get some epic photographs. And luckily for you, I’m willing to share.  Aren’t Freaky Fridays Awesome?




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