So, How’s Work?

A writer draws inspiration from everywhere. You cannot experience everything that everyone is experiencing all alone in the limited time you have on our magnificent planet, but you can be nosy and annoy people who have explored and experimented till you can fake their experience when you share their experience with those more ignorant than you. Some of those experience also includes going to work on a daily basis, not unlike lab rats on their wheel. The experience, however, is unique for each lab rat. So for the sake of research, a writer often asks,”So, How’s work?”

An interesting response is pursed lips, a slight grimace, and a brief nod,”Work’s fine.”

The average drunk millennial casually nods in response and allows the conversation to drift, but I did say that writers are nosy. Besides it is superior observation skills and an annoying persistence that makes any writer a good one. “Why the look?” I asked,”Like oh-How-could-you? I expected this from the cruel, cruel world but you! You were supposed to be my friend! And now you have stabbed my heart with more swords than bullets an army uses at a target practice!”

In a rare display of apparent wisdom, you find a new perspective, “People don’t really want to know how your work is. All they want to hear is that “It’s Fine””

Now, unsolicited advice is another thing writers specialize in. And you Know what you have to do when you know the expected response to any question you are asked! Give the unexpected response! No one, and I mean NO ONE, not even Barak Obama gets what they want all the time. Why should they be any different?

This is, of course, a golden opportunity to practise theatrics that your parents forbid you to when you were a kid. Because a sad sniff and wiping away a fake tear from your right eye doesn’t quite have the same effect as screaming,”Tragedy! My work is a tragedy! My boss is the Voldemort Horcrux Harry missed! The company I work for is filled with defective Stormtroopers and I finally know the real reason Sauron turned evil was so he wouldn’t have to drive to work!”

Because cribbing about work is Awesome, also super cathartic 😉


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