Communication Across Generations

When you are young and impressionable you aren’t just aware of the fleeting fashion trends but they also make an impression on you. And you must have it! You must have it NOW! Even if you have to sell a kidney, only you are too young for the formal hospitals and don’t know how to find the people who buy them illegally.

The problem arises when those belonging to the generation of Noah who built the ark, who watch the steady passing of the hour aren’t impressed.The ones living with you have a vague idea, it has taken you years but they are trained in the-times-are-changing mentality.

But what if you’re at a friends place? What if their grandmother walks in? What if she is a hundred percent positive that you aren’t her granddaughter’s friend but her granddaughter herself? What if she is certain you’ve been the victim of an accident?

And she is soooo concerned!  She says, “You’ve been in an accident, my child!”

“I have?” you ask, but you see your bewilderment on your friend’s face.

“Your clothes are all torn!!” says the poor old granny, sadly, pointing at your ripped jeans.

Isn’t communication across generations Awesome?






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