Veg Platter @ TGI Fridays

The one thing Thank God It’s Friday knows how to do, aside from capitalizing on the emotional quotient attached to the weekend that most working people can relate to, is that they know how to cook. And not just non-vegetarian food. That’s true, folks! I ate vegetarian at TGIF and it was Gooood.

I have discovered that ever since I turned vegetarian approximately two years ago, *still adamantly maintaining that eggs aren’t vegetarian* I have been finding more, and more things to eat. Things I would never have ordered had the standard, no less delicious in my head, definitely less delicious in my mouth, chicken wings been available. The veg platter at TGIF was no exception.

I marvel at how the cheapest vegetable in the market, salsa, yogurt, cottage cheese, regular cheese and lots of unhealthy and absolutely delicious oil can create such magic but it does! The recipe is clandestine. No restaurant want another making their signature dish. Also, if they told you how they make it how would they be able to take away all your hard earned money every Friday and make you grin ear to ear, satisfied as they do it.

Veg Platter @TGIF
Veg Platter @TGIF



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