One Day & Three Angels


My day was spent with three angels, The Angel of Travel, Angel of Laughter, and Angel of Photography. To paint a picture, imagine a warm, golden yellow sunset, a flock of chirping birds, and a little boy with an impish grin selling Bhel Puri on a must visit Bombay location called Marine Drive.


I sat on the cemented edge of the Arabian Sea and watched the waves reach out. They gave me on a glimpse of the white foam as they splashed against the rocks along the coast and drifted off into the all-consuming ocean. I was pulled back to the planet of superheroes, or planet Earth as it is commonly known, when a little beggar girl of not more than five poured out her soul through Bambi’s eyes.

In the Sunday mood, mind games are a must. I pointed to a friend, and said, “Ask the guy in the green shirt. He has a lot of money!”

There is no sound more melodious than a group of friends laughing at your joke, unless it is the benevolence with which the victim laughs the loudest. We don’t encourage begging, but I find that taking children to the nearest ice-cream store and buying them a hand pack is a fair compromise. Something magical invariably happens everytime you make a child smile. There is an acute influx of endorphins that otherwise only happens when you fall in love.

A trip to Marine Drive is incomplete without a set of close friends, even of you have to hit them over the head and move them into your car while they are unconscious to accompany you, uncontrollable, hysterical laughter, and blowing transparent, dreamlike bubbles into the air. If you keep your lens focused you get to keep some ethereal memories on your computer and call them photographs.

Just remember, a small aperture in landscapes makes you soul stretch out further. Not only does it add depth to your photograph, if you wanted to walk into your photograph you would walk a longer distance.


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